Run down, up and over the Rio Douro

Our favourite runs in Porto

Porto borders the Douro River, which lends itself to some great running routes. We became creatures of habit with our running routes in Porto, either running down, up or across the river. Here are some pictures from our excursions so that you can run along with us!

Down the Douro River

Distance: 10.5km

Run route down the Douro River

What luck we had this particular morning catching the beautiful mist on the river! Only 10 minutes later it was all cleared up, so I’m glad we made it out when we did!

Looking West at the Ponte Luis I, in the direction of our run for the day.

Ponte Luis I

Looking back East at the Ponte do Infante.

Ponte do Infante

We make our way down to the water. I’m happy to be on the flat!

Douro River, north side

We are just a little over 1km from home, but the 80m climb up these stairs (Escada dos Guindais) stand between us. I love these stairs, but I also hate these stairs.

Escada dos Guindais stairs

Up the Douro River

Distance: 7.5km

Run route up the Douro River

Looking West at the many bridges that span the Douro River. There are six bridges over 5.5km of river bank!

Looking West over the Douro River

Looking West over the Douro River

We make the steep drop down to the water, this time on Calçada das Carquejeiras to change things up from the usual stairs.

Calçada das Carquejeiras

The many bridges that span the Douro River make for great mental goals while running. When running East we turn around at the Ponte do Freixo, 2.5km from the Ponte Luís where we ascend back up the cliff.

We are past our turn-around point, with our sights set on Ponte Luís I in the distance.

On the way home

On the final stretch.

Final stretch

Across the Douro River

Distance: 4km

Run route across the Douro River

We make our way across the Douro River by means of the Ponte do Infante.

Ponte do Infante

We have the path to ourselves on the south side of the river as we make our way West towards the Ponte Luis I.

South side of the Douro River

South side of the Douro River

Before crossing the Ponte Luis we head up to the Miradouro (lookout) da Serra do Pilar, which gives an excellent view of Porto across the river.

 Miradouro (lookout) da Serra do Pilar

 Miradouro (lookout) da Serra do Pilar

We run across the top level of Ponte Luis I. The bottom level is open to cars, but the top level is only for pedestrians and metro trains. Makes for a tranquil crossing.

Top level of Ponte Luis I

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for joining us on our runs in Porto!

Kudos to everyone back home who is managing to get out and enjoy the fresh air in much cooler temperatures. Brittony and I use a shorthand for days when you really don’t feel like getting out, but still manage to, even if it’s a short distance...BTN...Better Than Nothing!

References: Credit goes to author and time management expert Laura Vanderkam for coining the BTN phrase.